Abdulrahman pledges to stimulate Kwara economy through people’s empowerment

Abdulrahman pledges to stimulate Kwara economy through people’s empowerment

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Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman, the Kwara state governor, has pledged to create an enabling environment to empower people and communities through prudent deployment of resources.

Governor Abdulrazaq, who gave the assurance on Wednesday at the inauguration ceremony held at Government House, Ilorin, declared that his administration stands to build confidence that a better future is possible, improve efficiency and service delivery in public services, promote industry, agriculture, technology and social services.

He said, “All praises and adoration to Allah who has made it possible for us to witness this glorious day in the history of political development of Kwara State. In the history of a people, a time comes when they individually and collectively decide to take their destiny in their own hands and fashion an alternative narrative and quest for peace, progress, growth and development for themselves and future generations. Kwarans reached that decision-making point when they collectively decided to vote us into office on March 9, 2019.

“Allow me to thank Allah for keeping us alive and in good health to see this historic day and thank you Kwarans for the confidence you have reposed in us in the course of our struggle to redefine, refocus and reposition our
State. Let me also acknowledge my Party, the All Progressives Congress (APC)- its officials and field workers at all levels, for their support and hard work.

” As you know, our victory, is only the beginning of our collective vision for a better Kwara. I cannot so easily forget how the collective will, courage and determination of our people, irrespective of class or religion initiated, nurtured and propelled the Otoge movement that was the foundation, soul and spirit of our victory at the polls. You all fought against all odds and at great cost. Many of you were blackmailed, abused, humiliated and harassed in several ways because you simply said enough is enough.”




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