Your Excellency the governor

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Congratulations for being sworn into the exalted office of chief executive of your state. Under our constitution, you are not only the principal administrator but also the chief security officer of your state. Some of our jurists opine that, under our 1999 constitution you enjoy more prerogatives than the incumbent of the high magistracy of our great federal republic. You would have drawn the envy of the Roman Proconsuls of old. Your constitutional immunity confers on you power to commit murder and get away with it. Yes, it seems a rather extreme thing to say, but that is the order of things on ground.

One of the northern governors once told us how he woke up one morning, beholding through the window of his mansion at Government House, the kaleidoscope of cars and the ghosts of unwashed masses passing by. He had an epiphany: “It is true that while we are not god; but god, in his infinite mercy, has given us absolute power over the affairs of men”.

One morning this governor was on his motorcade to Abuja when he beheld a beautiful building on the outskirts that had been constructed to lintel level. He asked his personal aide if he knew the owner. It belonged to Ahaji X, who had the misfortune of being one of his political rivals.

There and then he placed a call to his Chief of Staff. He left a simple instruction. If he returned that evening and the said building was still standing he should consider himself sacked. Without waiting to find out the reasons for that executive order, the Chief of Staff went to the Ministry of Works to get some bull-dozers. Within minutes, the property was brought down. It wasn’t that the man had constructed the building … Read More...