10 Marketing lessons from the 2019 election

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In just a few days, the 4th President of Nigeria’s fourth Republic would be sworn into office to serve a second term. The media madness, advertising chaos and sensory overload we endured during the campaigns are thankful, a distant memory.

Many of the complex issues surrounding the elections and politics of the day persist, but from a purely marketing perspective, the campaigns served up a healthy dose of marketing wisdom. We’ve listed our top 10 lessons down below:

  1. Know Your Audience

After President Donald Trump’s remarkable victory in the U.S Presidential elections in 2016, marketing doyen, Al Ries summarised the astonishing result in his post mortem published in the Wall Street Journal. According to him, “the better product doesn’t necessarily win in the marketplace, and the better person doesn’t necessarily win in the political arena. What does win, more often than not, is the better marketing strategy”.

There is perhaps no more important component of the marketing strategy, than the people to whom one is marketing.

Just like the American President who courted his base relentlessly, President Muhammadu Buhari stuck true to his audience, understanding their affection for his “perceived simplicity” and “uprightness”, and reinforced those attributes to gain some advantage. Of the 22 states he visited, 13 were in the North, moulding his narrative as a “battle between the elites and the masses”, a choice between the “lesser of two evils”.

On the other hand, the PDP’s audience strategy appeared targeted to a more sophisticated audience, people who would understand the need to “Get Nigeria Working Again”.

2.Perception is Reality

You have probably heard it a million times, perception is reality. Where a perception has been created, whether or not it’s true is of no consequence. … Read More...