Children’s Day: We have to build pride in Nigerian children concerning the nation – Titi Adewusi

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Titi Adewusi  is Vice President, Global Business Development and co-founder of 9ijakids. The App- based platform for education in academic, business and financial knowledge and more importantly values learning weaved in fun games for children was introduced by three sisters, all engineers, a year ago. In this interview, Titi told Daniel Obi that their intention is to build generation of children who become successful in business at same time become great citizens with right values using games as a tool to help children develop an entrepreneurial mind-set, teach them the values that make them upright. The App which contains many games makes learning in financial literacy, business, understanding Nigeria better and other areas fun.  What we are doing is to utilise technology to make learning exciting and entertaining for our children. Excerpts

Could you tell us more about 9ijakids concept which is focused on children?

We saw the need to promote education, values and Nigerian brand. We found out that among families, children and Nigerian youth, there is disdain for anything  Nigeria. Unfortunately, things about Nigeria that get on the public space are about corruption and scam. We decided to build a platform to promote Nigeria among children. We thought of coming up with puzzle books, but we changed our mind on the realisation that children these days are not much into reading but on the tablet. These days, parents are struggling their phones with their children. Based on this information, we came up with games to pass across the same message but in a fun way. Take for instance, the game of Monopoly allows people to remember the streets in London even before individuals visited the city. This created traction for London. Also individuals build literacy skills playing Scrabble. This means that through playing