If there is something more dangerous than Boko Haram, it is social media – Abel Diah

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Abel Peter Diah is the speaker of Taraba State House of Assembly for the third consecutive time. In this interview with some journalists in Jalingo, shortly after the inauguration of the 9th Assembly, the vice chairman Nigeria state Houses of Assembly Speakers’ Conference spoke on the development of his constituency, Mbamnga, and the insecurity that has engulfed the state. NATHANIEL GBAORON brings the excerpts:

How were you able to sustain the assembly within a long period as a speaker without rancour or hitches?

I will first of all appreciate you, the members of the press; you are part of the magic in Taraba State because whatever you report here is a balanced reportage; you have given the House of Assembly fair hearing. Each time you want to report about the state assembly you must confirm from the authorities before publication. Now, coming back to the assembly, if you really want to succeed as a presiding officer, the first thing you must know is that you are leading people of your equal, you’re not their boss. When you know this you won’t have problem with them. But when you want to boss them that is where you will have problems. You count it a privilege when people that are elected along side with you say come and lead us; I think it is a very great honour. To me, I think the secret is me leading with the consciousness that we are all equal; we represent our various constituencies and to also know that Taraba State is bigger than all of us. I tried my best to operate an open door policy, have a listening ear to all my colleagues, relating very well with them even at official capacity and personal level above all, I am always … Read More...