I’ve invested no hope in what PDP is going to do in Adamawa – Birma Dauda

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Birma Dauda, a former minister of education in the Abacha regime, who also is a two-time presidential aspirant, has said that Nigerians must appreciate security agents who hazard their lives in the fight against various forms of insurgencies in the country rather than speak ill of them. He also spoke to ZEBULON AGOMUO, Editor, on his expectations from President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term, the development in Kano, and that he has no high hopes on whatever the incoming administration in his home state of Adamawa would do since he is not a member of the party (PDP) that won the governorship election there. Excerpts: 

What are your expectations from the newly elected governor in your state from May 29?

To be quite honest with you; the party that won in my state is the PDP, which is going to form a new government in my state. I am a member of the APC; I have worked for it; I have put a lot into it and I did not expect APC was going to lose; it has lost; I have not invested any hope in what the PDP is going to do; therefore; really; it would be very early for me to say this is what I expect they will do; or they will not do. What I believe I should do is to cross my fingers and wait; when they are inaugurated– I know who the elected governor is, then I will know who the crew members are. Eventually, when the crew members emerge; and I see the people they put in; I will then draw my conclusions. But again, you should know that they are people from Adamawa State, they are not from the outer space. And since I have been in … Read More...