Lessons in ageing

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Ageing has become a thing these days because millennials seem to be in a world of their own where parents and older relatives are often excluded. As the world spins on its axis, we see the most amazing elder abuse going on. Either the elders are attacked by miscreants for money or they are attacked by their own children who demand the keys to cars or property and manhandle their own parents if they do not get money or property papers which they then sell for easy money. What can we put this down to? Drugs, meanness…? In between all of these are those children who do not visit, do not care and act as if their aged parents do not exist.

Something terrible has happened to our humanity and it is getting younger. These are signs that everyone must invest in their old age. Save enough for a care giver, for health checks, get a medical insurance. Save for a cook, a house help, a driver. Also be careful while you are at it when you do finally have to hire, it pays to do itmost discerningly. These days, helps have been known to attack, steal from or kill their bosses. Who lives with you, no matter the age matters but who lives with you or works with you as you grow older is even more critical. Because you are no longer as energetic and your memory not so keen, they try to take advantage. The sad truth is that today’s children are not anything like we were, very few are incapable of caring for their elderly relatives and very few still are interested in doing so. We looked after our parents till God called them. Effectively managing their emotions, health challenges and all … Read More...