Cancer scourge: Experts call for increased capacity on use of agro-chemicals

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Agriculture experts, following the various reported cases of cancer arising from the use of agro-chemical Glyphosate commonly found in chemicals used by farmers, have called for increased education on proper use of agro-chemicals (fertilizer).

Their renewed call followed several reported cases in the United States of individuals who developed cancer through the use of the popular agro-chemical Glyphosate commonly known as ROUNDUP produced by MONSANTO.

Also, there was a third case of such massive penalty paid by MONSANTO since last year when this chemical was conclusively proven to be carcinogenic, and there are over 15,000 cases of such claims pending in various US courts.

Since the story broke, there have been reports of several companies marketing the chemical in Nigeria under different brand names such as TOUCHDOWN, SAROSATE, WIPEOUT, and there is hardly any commercial farmer that is not using it today in Nigeria.

Emmanuel Ladipo, professor of climatology, university of Lagos, confirmed to BDSUNDAY that there are several agro-chemical products that are carcinogenic and harmful to both health and environment adding that most farmers lack the knowledge of adverse effects of the use of this agro-chemical.

He said the “extent to which people are aware of the possible problems caused by these chemicals is where the problem is, a lot of people, farmers are not aware of adverse effect of the chemical usage until victims are diagnosed”.

Ladipo speaking further, stressed that the government through its health and agriculture agencies should ensure that these chemicals are not used in fragile environment, and encourage caution on the use and handling of agro-chemical products.

“We should encourage labeling on chemicals, users should be cautioned on ways of handling and using the products”.

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