Aiteo, Chevron reiterate commitment to host communities, Nigeria

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Aiteo has reiterated  commitment to continue work with its host communities to achieve an amicable relationship.

The pledge came following a protracted engagement between the company and Nembe community.  Following this development, the host community, which protested neglect by the company, had to disband the barricade placed on the company’s yard in Nembe.

Aiteo however alleged that Nembe community provides most of the supply, logistics and security contracts going into its local operations.

“Apart from encouraging community participation in this manner, the company has, in addition, continued to provide considerable amenities and services directly to the community in a most beneficial and impactful way. Hence, we remain open and are committed to constructive dialogue for the development of both the nation and the community”.

It stated that it is instructive that the barricade of its company is coinciding with the resumption of operations of the NCTL. “These disturbances disrupt our operations and lead to production deferment which affects not just the company but revenues accruing to the government and people of Nigeria”, the company stated

Meanwhile Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), operator of the joint venture between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and CNL (NNPC/CNL JV), said it is aware of  protest by some members of Ugborodo community in its Escravos operations over alleged CNL’s neglect of their community in the provision of social amenities, employment and contracts.

“CNL wishes to state that the allegations are not true. In fact, CNL has a long-standing relationship with the Ugborodo community which dates back to years before the establishment of its new community-driven participatory partnership model for community development known as the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU”

“The needs in many communities, including Ugborodo community, are many and varied requiring the support and intervention of multiple stakeholders Read More...