Anambra shoe manufacturers blames low patronage for ‘foreign’ labels

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Shoe manufacturers in Anambra State have identified low patronage and Nigerians’ preference for foreign goods as reasons locally made products bear foreign label.

Clement Emesim, Anambra chairman of shoemakers association, said Nigerians hardly appreciate “made in Nigeria goods” no matter the good quality.

The chairman made the observation at the association’s new location at Nkwelle-Ezunaka, near Onitsha at the weekend.

He said the only difference between foreign and locally made shoes was the finishing.
Emesim, who described the innovative business as lucrative, said the hub with many shops was producing about 20,000 shoes and sandals daily, “But due to government’s neglect and low patronage by Nigerians, we have not been able to grow beyond our capacity for years.

“We discovered that government does not recognise artisans, a sector that can reduce unemployment drastically in the country. The worst is that our people prefer foreign shoes to locally made substitutes.

“It was for this reason that our local manufacturers label their products as “made in China or France.”

According to Emesim, there are shoes imported from China called ‘rubber rubber,’ which are sold as cheap as N400 or N500, and inferior to what the members produce locally.

“These shoes are not better than the ones we produce here, but our people buy them because they are foreign. We produce quality shoes here, which are sold in big boutiques but they are labelled as “made in Italy or made in France,” he said.

He said the intention was to attract sales and higher profit, as “Some of these quality shoes are sold between N25,000 and N30,000 because of the perception that they are produced abroad.”
He said some of the materials used for production’s were imported and locally sourced.
The chairman said available information showed that footwears were … Read More...