ANAMMCO looks to Chinese brands for survival

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Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company Ltd. ANAMMCO, owners of DONGFENG Motor Truck in Nigeria has appealed to government at all levels to reduce unemployment through patronage of locally produced goods.

ANAMMCO is previously known as assemblers of Mercedes Benz trucks in the past, and later moved to assemble Shacman trucks under contract assembly with Transit Support Services Limited, all in the quest to oil the operations of the age-long assembly plant running.

Olakan Sanyaolu, the sales manager, stated this at the auto plant’s vehicle production observation day where Em-power program students posted to ANAMMCO were conducted round the company’s facilities.

ANAMMCO, he said, is capable of employing over 3000 workers out of the employment market in the sense that, it has different departments that can take skilled and unskilled workers in various fields and ready to meet the trucks and buses needs because it has the capacity.

The plant can produce in single shift 7,500 units of trucks and 1000 units of buses, ” so if government can just give us the contract to build buses for Mass-Transit, you can imagine the kind of employment market it will bust open both directly and indirectly based on the fact that it was going to use local material producers”.

He however lamented that instead of giving contracts to indigenous motor assembling and manufacturing companies to create employment and reduce poverty and hardship, government prefer giving out those employment out to Chinese and other foreign countries who in turn returns them here with an increased costs.

“Imagine what will happened if 5000 buses were given to ANAMMCO to produce ,the number of people that would be involved in the production locally, the glass companies, the foams, Rubber, leaders and companies involves in other components would engage workers. Not to talk … Read More...