FG generates over N382.52bn import duties from Apapa, Tin-can Ports in H1

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The Federal Government has raked in approximately N382.52 billion as revenue generated by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) in the nation’s two major economic gateways, Apapa and Tin-Can Island Ports (TICP) commands.

The revenue, which was announced recently by both Customs commands in a separate reports, represents the amount generated in Customs duties paid by Nigerian importers on their imported cargoes from the month of January to June (first six months) 2019.

As the major seaports that handle over 70 percent of Nigeria’s import cargoes, Apapa and Tin-Can Island Ports, also generates over 70 percent of revenue, collected for the government from the seaports.

Ironically, the roads leading to both seaports are presently in bad shape as motorists, commuters and port users, find it increasingly difficult to access Apapa port city where both ports are located, due to the traffic gridlock that has become a daily reoccurrence, since the last five years.

The traffic situation worsened due to the failure of government to utilise a fraction of the trillions generated from the ports annually by Customs, NPA, NIMASA, SON and others, to repair the bad portions of Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, the major access into Apapa.

For this singular reason, majority of the trucks and trailers going to the seaports and oil tank farms littered in all parts of Apapa city, are forced to pass through Ijora-Apapa-Wharf road, thereby creating travel difficulties for motorists and port users.

Tony Anakebe, a Lagos-based Customs Licensed Agents, said the seaports are the goose that lay the golden eggs for the Federal Government, yet the government has failed to invest in development of port infrastructure especially roads.

Meanwhile, the Customs revenue was over N33.27 billion higher than about N349.27 billion generated by both Customs commands within the first half of 2018.… Read More...

Apapa: How congestion, gridlock deny port city of business hub benefits

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Unlike port cities around the world, Apapa, Nigeria’s premier port city, is not making the most of its position compared to port cities around the world. Major port cities of the world, including London, Amsterdam, Shanghai in China, Rotterdam in Holland and Singapore, are business hubs where thriving business activities lead to increased construction and…

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Apapa: Trailer Park largely full, but challenges abound

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Though work continues on the Tin Can Trailer Park being constructed along the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway with the contractor and sub-contractors struggling to put in place the necessary facilities, the park is about 90 percent occupied by trailers of various shapes and sizes.

A visit to the park shows that the challenges associated with using it are quite enormous. Besides the absence of water, electricity and toilet facilities which have been the excuse for the delay in officially commissioning the park, chaos, disorder, indiscriminate waste disposal are ringing bell at the park.

“I don’t why the government is forcing open an uncompleted park with little or no logistics in place. Basic facilities such as light and water are not there. We don’t even have toilets here. I have told the drivers to be using the river bank for their convenience; what do you expect them to do?” queried a traffic controller who, from his reflexive jacket, looked like a transport union official.

The traffic controller who spoke to BusinessDay during a Friday morning visit, complained of forcing the trailers into an uncompleted park, noting that government did not want the trucks on the road any longer, yet adequate provision was not made to make that possible.

“Another problem here is that the drivers are not only rude, but also unruly. Many of them don’t want to listen to instructions; they are very impatient. Just see how they have littered everywhere with all sorts of refuse; I am afraid that they will soon start doing what they were doing on the road here,” the traffic controller, who did not want to be named, said.

An NPA official at the park shared this view, adding that the cause of the problem was not about the trailers and their drivers. … Read More...

Apapa: What becomes of money-spinning port city post Dangote refinery?

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The coming on stream of the much-awaited 650 barrels per day Dangote Oil Refinery would mean so much not only to the Nigerian oil and gas sector and its managers, individual interests and the local communities, but also to the wider Nigerian economy. The Dangote refinery has been promoted as coming on stream in April…

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Triple employees’ pay, many would still turn down job offers in Apapa

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One of the biggest nightmares of job seekers or employees today has become getting to know that the company in which they seek employment has its operations situated in Apapa and environs.

The mere realisation of this fact could make them turn down an employment offer due to the heavy gridlock and dilapidated road networks caused by trailers pushing their way through into Nigeria’s busiest port city.

Even when an employer of labour decides to triple employees pay to serve as an incentive, it is still not enough to get them to stay as many prefer to take up jobs that are farther – and even with a lower pay – so long it does not have its route linked with Apapa.

There have been the challenge of having to get the best hands to work with us, even when we get them, they do not last due to the precarious infrastructural state of our roads in Apapa, according to Emeka Ugoji, a manager of a financial firm who operates around Apapa with a staff strength of 150 employees

“No fewer than 50 employees that we have recruited in the last one month have either resigned to take up another job which according to our research is farther and with a little pay than what we offer or they have decided to stay at home pending when they get another”, the manager said.

“Even those who choose to retain a job here, we noticed that their input or productivity to the growth of the organisation is low. We have even adjusted our resumption time to fit two hours behind scheduled yet it wouldn’t help”, Ugoji explained

Apapa, a name synonymous in the lips of residents in Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos, as “high way to hell”, … Read More...