CAN will never sell its integrity for a morsel of bread – Ayokunle

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Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), recently held a breakfast meeting with the Christian Press Association of Nigeria (CPAN) tagged ‘Christian Response to Global Persecution’ in Lagos. He fielded questions from journalists. SEYI JOHN SALAU was there. Excerpts:

CAN’s recent visit to the President on election victory generated some controversy among Nigerians; what is your reaction to that?

I led CAN executives to Aso Rock because we do not know where government will fall, and constitutionally when INEC has declared someone winner, that person remains winner until the court rules otherwise, and we cannot wait until that time and open our eyes to allow things get worse and worse. We went to see the President and I told him – since INEC declared you winner we have to accept that, but as you are coming back do things 100 times better than you did before. If you said you have worked on security, we want you to work better 100 times – I think that speaks volume. Number two: we told him to make deliberate effort to reduce unemployment; if you don’t reduce unemployment, kidnapping will not cease. Other violent activities will not cease, because an idle person is a ready tool for violence in Nigeria. If you put the issue of employment top priority and youth can be gainfully employed, you will stop violence. We told the president that you must pay attention to the issue of social welfare, infrastructure must be improved, roads must be repaired; unlimited power to manufacturers: how can you develop? How can investors come when they know that it will cost them extra money to operate in our country than anywhere else?

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