Why Nigeria needs to rethink hard stance on Cannabis (3)

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In 2018, South Africa decriminalised possession and cultivation of Cannabis, but not for sale. The country also allows it for medical purposes. Nigeria of course, does not have to follow everything other countries implement, but developing the right knowledge and making adjustments where found logical, should be considered.

“The Global State of Hemp: 2019 Industry Outlook”, notes that a significant educational process will be required among lawmakers and cultivators throughout the African continent regarding the difference between hemp and marijuana, and about the range of ways in which hemp can be used to address the continent’s economic growth and development challenges.

Stigma against cannabis remains high in many parts of the continent, especially in traditionally religious countries, and hemp seeds are even considered poisonous in some quarters. As educational and regulatory development progresses, Africa will be positioned to capitalize on the opportunities to come with joining the global hemp industry.

It has been described as a medicinal plant with economic benefits, not one that should be abused, particularly in the absence of requisite legislation. As noted in earlier parts of the article, there are variations of the cannabis plant, with diverse uses and not all is reduced to ‘drug’ purposes.

Giadha Aguirre de Carcer, CEO & founder, New Frontier Data, a company that says it is providing transparency into the cannabis industry via unbiased vetted data & analytics reporting, told BusinessDay in an emailed note, that increasing knowledge is gradually changing how Cannabis is perceived across the world.

According to de Carcer, “in the past five years alone, cannabis perception has shifted dramatically away from a stigmatized drug, to a medicinal plant representing endless opportunities to generate revenue, combat the opioids epidemic, and support domestic socioeconomic growth.”

He further explained that as a result …