Poverty, community disintegration, others, impede child rights act in Nigeria-Experts

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Child protection experts on Monday said that poverty, community disintegration, family dysfunction and child vulnerability are critical factors impeding the realization of the Child rights act in Nigeria.
Sharon Oladiji, Child protection specialist, UNICEF, speaking at the media dialogue on the convention on the rights of the child(CRC) held in lagos, said that lack of access to the developmental need of the children is detrimental to the rights of the nigerian child adding that poverty and community disintegration, family dysfunction as well child vulnerability has made most children victims of several forms of violence, rendering the child rights act impossible in Nigeria.
She said” We must promote all opportunities that will help sound development in children. Lack of access to developmental need is detrimental to the rights of children”.
” The child rights covers every aspect of their lives, these rights include survival rights, developmental rights, participation rights and protection rights”, she added.
Oladiji, speaking further said that investing in a  child is Paramount for Nigeria and Africa  as a whole to realise the right of the  burgeoning child population, adding that a healthy development of a child is crucial to the future well being of any nation.
“Special attention is required for Nigeria which is the country with the largest increase in absolute numbers of both birth and child population, it is time we acknowledge our shared responsibility and address this issue”.
Olumide Osanyipeju, Director, Child rights information bureau, federal ministry of information in his remark said that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is a human right treaty which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children in Nigeria adding that the need to uphold the realization of the rights of children can never