DPR seals offices of illegal cooking gas operators in FCT

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Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in conjunction with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) last week went out to rid the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja and environs of the illegal activities of LPG (cooking gas) retailers and skid operators.

The team went to Galadimawa, Lokogoma axis, particularly Sunny Vale Estate and other suburbs within the city.

The team during their enforcement exercise discovered that the illegal operators were dispensing gas in very dangerous circumstances without the necessary safety precautions.
The names of some of the illegal gas operators sealed include: Leksherde Gas in Lokogoma, Amaco Gas Limited in Galadimawa and Frank Oil and Gas Limited in Apo district, and Lubran Limited and Lubgas operating in Sunny Vale Estate.

The DPR head of Gas, Umar Gwandu, said at an illegal outlet in Galadimawa during the inspection: “This place can easily explode if there is any spark, even with a very tiny leakage, once there is a spark (this place is gone). We have come here severally as you can see from our seal. This people are not ready to comply. If there is any spark here this place can go up in flames in seconds. Look at the immediate environment with gas.”

He said basic/standard minimum requirements like fire extinguishers/detectors, water sprinkler, temperature gauge, pressure and volume gauge, among others, were not present in other illegal facilities.

About five illegal operators were arrested during the raid.

Zonal operations controller of DPR Abuja zonal office, Buba Abubakar, said in an interview after the inspection, “We visited about 16 retail plants. We were able to seal about 14 that were operating illegally.

“The reason we went out today was to make sure everybody has permit to operate. If you don’t have permit you should come … Read More...