Dick Kramer: Modern day pioneer and management missionary

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Dick Kramer grew up in Kansas where he watched his parents and grandparents, who were pioneers, build farms, schools, businesses and communities from the scratch. It was from them and from the vast plains of Kansas he learned hard work, honesty, discipline and commitment to building communities for posterity.


He has spent his entire 85 years living tirelessly these lifelong principles and devoted just as much to imbibing them in others. Dick, as he is known to friends and even first time acquaintances, strives to do right consistently. Protégés, friends, colleagues and business partners all remember him firmly footed in his beliefs, even decades after their first encounter. He is down to earth, a straight talker, patient listener, mentor, father, friend and lover of Nigeria


A modern day pioneer and management missionary, he led the startup of Arthur Andersen (AA) offices in Buenos Aires, Brussels and Lagos from the scratch. Argentina was his first mission. This was nine years after he graduated from Harvard Business School in 1958 where he learned best practices of management.


To understand the pioneers of America is to catch a glimpse of the formative years of Dick.


Red Cloud, Nebraska is 494 kilometres north of Hugoton, Kansas, where Dick was born in 1934. Red Cloud is the setting of the epic novels of Willa Cather, particularly her prairie trilogy: O Pioneers!The Song of the Lark and My Antonia, her most celebrated novel.


The fictional lives portrayed in the works of Willa Cather give a window to the early years of Dick Kramer. Reading about Cather and her works gives one tasked with writing about Dick the free rein to imagine his upbringing. It makes one understand those years he spent with his … Read More...