Combating drug abuse and addiction

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Today, according to statistics more than 7 million people suffer from an illicit drug disorder, and one in four deaths results from illicit drug use. In fact, more deaths, illnesses and disabilities are said to be associated with drug abuse than any other preventable health condition. People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction also have a higher risk of unintentional injuries, accidents and domestic violence incidents.

Drug abuse is use legal or illegal substances in ways one shouldn’t. When one takes more than the regular dose of pills or uses someone else’s prescription, it amounts to drug abuse. People abuse drugs to feel good, ease stress, or avoid reality. Addiction is a disease that affects one’s brain and behaviour. When one is addicted to drugs, one cannot resist the urge to use them, no matter how much harm the drugs may cause.

BDSUNDAY spoke with some pharmacists and concerned Nigerians on how to remedy drug abuse and addiction in the country, as it has continued to wreak havoc among the youth of Nigeria.

Iyanda Temitope Elizabeth

In my own opinion, Knowledge they say is key. First of all, I think there is need for more sensitisation about this issue because many people are still ignorant of what drug abuse really is, people should be enlightened on the risk abuse of drug imposes on their health.

Most of these drugs can also be substituted with another, like substituting codeine or tramadol with ibuprofen for chronic pain; it is the job of the doctor prescribing such to do. In this case, the availability of those drugs will be reduced.

Charity, they say, begins at home. For our youths, I think parents should monitor their children; pay attention to the kind of friends they keep. Keep track of … Read More...