The Fairmont Advantage: Propertymarts New Estates Are Selling Out Fast!

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 One of Nigeria’s leading real estate companies, Propertymart, is currently giving interested parties the opportunity to own serviced plots in three new estates, aptly dubbed The Fairmont.

The Fairmont serviced plots are situated in three strategic locations, namely Alagbado, Arepo and Lekki-Ajah, and underscore the importance of quality and natural living within a well-defined perimeter.For those who seek serenity, splendor, space and security in their place of residence, the Fairmont presents a perfect opportunity, as it is built with those considerations in mind.

In a commercial city like Lagos, it is not surprising to find auto workshops, where dead vehicles are fired up to life, located within places of residence,stealing the peace of the residents.In some other instance, motor parks, workshops or even ‘open markets’, filled with people sincerely trying to make ends meet,ensure that residents do not get the tranquility and peace they desire.

According to Propertymart, who are renowned for developing and managing estates like Citiview Estate, Warewa; Bel Terraces, Life Camp Abuja; and Mitcheville Estate, Lokogoma Abuja, these are just a few amongst over a thousand scenarios that have prompted them to create estates like The Fairmont.

PropertyMart,Citiview Arepo

Indeed, The Fairmont is a place where expectations are turned into reality. Designed to accommodate robust communities, the estates boast of well-planned residences, grocery stores, educational facilities, recreational facilities, beauty parlors and medical facilities, surrounded by beautiful shrubs and trees, translating into a very friendly and peaceful environment.

PropertyMart, Alagbado Physical Allocation

Prospective home and land  owners would be delighted to know that The Fairmont Serviced Plots are within gated estates. In addition, infrastructures within the estates are of superior quality, ranging from paved roads, CCTV, covered drainages, pedestrian walkways, modern electrification with streetlights, lush green gardens, play areas, expansive … Read More...