Food supplements provide nutrients that our bodies need – Ndionyenma

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Sam Ndionyenma is the managing director and chief executive officer of Ritleon Nigeria Limited. He is experienced in New Business Development and route-to-market setup from scratch. He is also in marketing management and Customer Service. In this interview with ANTHONIA OBOKOH, Ndionyenma speaks about access to medical service delivery in Nigeria and the role of food supplements as sustenance of good health Excerpts:

How will you assess Nigeria medical service Delivery?

Medical services delivery in Nigeria is in a very poor state. In spite of over 20 years of democracy, healthcare delivery service is still marred by inadequacy or lack of infrastructure, dearth of qualified medical personnel and the availability of drugs at affordable prices.

People in rural Nigeria travel many kilometers to access primary health care, and upon arrival, they often meet dilapidated facilities with inappropriately trained medical personnel and no drugs. In the urban areas, most government hospitals are not well equipped and diagnostic services are often inadequate, leading to wrong treatment and premature deaths.

I think governments have made some efforts at various levels but according to World Health Organisation (WHO) data, the average life expectancy in Nigeria is still one of the lowest in Africa, it is around 54.5 years, with men living an average of 54.years and women living an average of 55 years.

Fake drugs are reported to be prevalent especially in the rural and the absence of specialised medical personnel in some hospitals complicates the situation even in urban Nigeria.

Today, total expenditure on healthcare in Nigeria is estimated at about 4.6 percent of Gross domestic product (GDP) and less than 6 percent of federal annual budget is provided for health care.

Another phenomenon I have observed over time is the mass exodus of our doctors to … Read More...