Unruly security operatives and hapless compatriots

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The subject of inapt behaviour among Nigeria’s security operatives has been a recurrent one. Scores of Nigerians have been sent to early graves, no thanks to the dastardly activities of some of some wild security operatives. A few years ago, in Agege, Lagos, a female secondary school student was brutally murdered by a trigger-happy security operative in a most bizarre circumstance. It was such a gory sight. Imagine the pain, emotional and mental damage done to the parents of the dead student, who must have toiled over her.

Also, in November 2008, a certain Miss Uzoma Okere was brutalized by armed naval ratings in a rather dehumanizing manner as she was stripped naked in full glare of the public for daring to fight for her right. If not for the intervention of the Lagos State Government in the court of law that secured judgment in favour of Uzoma Okere who awarded the sum of N100, 000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Naira) damages against the defendants, she would have suffered in vain, as it is always the case. The case is a land mark vindication of the rights of an innocent Nigerian against recurring assaults on innocent citizens by security operatives.
More worrisome is the fact that the dangerous trend has continued unabated. For instance, from January to April, 2019, in Lagos State alone, about four incidents of misuse of firearms which have resulted in extra-judicial killings of young citizens of this country and injury to others were recorded. More bothersome is that two of these incidents occurred almost simultaneously.
It is difficult to understand why some of our security operatives behave the way they do. It is ironic that they take pleasure in brutalizing the very people whom they are paid and trained to protect. The police