Affront on historical institutions

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The creation of additional four emirate councils from the already existing one emirate in Kano State by Governor Abdullahi Ganduje is an affront on historical institutions.

Although he is not the first governor to have done this, the reasons remain the same in all cases of local council creations– to whittle down the powers of the existing rulers, and to show them that political power is superior to traditional power.

However, this has succeeded in most cases across Nigeria. The military in their high-handedness did not do half of what civilian government has done since the return of Nigeria to civil rule in 1999.

Often, governors who are below performance are threatened when traditional rulers criticise them. They look for ways to show that they are above correction– this appears to be the reason for the development in the ancient city of Kano. The governor knew, such a project could not have been popular in his first term, as the implications could be grave on his political career.

But someone noted that such a decision by a governor to curtail “an overbearing” monarch, “is not new in Nigeria, even during the colonial era.”

But history students say that the above assertion is not altogether correct.

In the colonial era, what happened in the Benin Kingdom is far from what is happening now. Then, it was an external colony using a superior force of power (the force of the guns) to suppress the peaceful coexistence, but with less military power, of some rural institutions. Today, a subject rises up to destabilise an already existing institution that precedes his forefathers because of quest to grab political power.  

Going down memory lane, Oba Ovonramwen Nogbaisi (who ruled 1888-1897) was the ba (king) of the Kingdom of Benin up Read More...

I don’t have personal scores to settle with Emir of Kano- Ganduje

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Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano on Friday justified the creation of four new Emirates in Kano saying that he has no personal scores to settle with the incumbent Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

The Governor while speaking with State House Correspondents on the issue, justified the creation of four new Emirates, adding that “it is aimed at making the Emirate more effective”

“Well, they are entitled to their own opinion, but we are taking Kano to the next level and we need active participation of the traditional system, especially in the areas of education, security, agriculture, we need the effectiveness of the traditional rulers.

Critics of the new plans believe the new arrangement aimed at decentralizing the Emirate are aimed at whittling down the powers of the current Emir, which had been in existence for over 800 years.

But Ganduje in his response, said “it is not vendetta, I am not against him, in fact he is supposed to be reporting to the local government chairman according to the constitution of the federal republic of nigeria.

“It is the local government chairman that is suppose to discuss issues with him not the governor. So this is celebrated by the people of Kano and we will make sure that the new Emirate council are effective in terms of developing Kano State.


Tony Ailemen, Abuja 

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