How Gokada, motorbike hiring service platform is reducing unemployment

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For many years, Lagos, the commercial hub of Nigeria, has been known as a city plagued by gridlocks. The horrific traffic challenge is not surprising given the number of people living and commuting within it.

To beat the gridlocks, a number of people on many occasions either leave their vehicles at home or avoid boarding commercial yellow buses that operate in the state to patronise the commercial motorcycle riders, popularly known as Okada.

But most of these Okada riders are known to be reckless and careless. Fatal accidents caused by their recklessness is everyday experience. A visit to the Orthopaedic hospital in the Mainland area of the state and other local bone-setting hospitals across the state, tells the gory story of pain many people go through by patronising the cyclists. Apart from the increasing cases of Okada-related accidents and sudden deaths, allegations abound of the involvement of many cyclists in armed robberies and other heinous crimes. Many innocent people have been dispossessed of their valuables by Okada-riding thieves.

At a point, cases of robberies and other crimes by Okada riders became so high and frequent that the state government began to clamp down on them. The State House of Assembly had to pass a law that barred them from certain areas of the state.

At that time, state agents seized so many of the machines to enforce the ban.

But with the increasing cases of gridlocks in Lagos, many residents believe that outright ban of Okada may not be the solution as traffic snarls have been partly responsible for people getting to work late and missing appointments.

It was to bridge this gap that gave birth to Gokada, an on-demand transportation company or motorbike hiring service, that has made movement on motorbike a lot better, safer … Read More...