Getting the best out of Google maps

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More than any other group, Uber, Taxify and drivers on cab-hailing platforms are known to frequently use Google maps, which is understandable considering the nature of their job. Unlike the conventional taxi drivers with ‘ancient knowledge’ of all the nooks and crannies of cities such as Lagos, a leveller is needed to find one’s way around.

Having access to the map is perhaps such a good idea when one considers that the longer the trip, which may have been avoidable, the more one will have to pay. For the average commuter in Lagos, using the map is not so much about finding a place, but avoiding traffic and getting there in record time.

However, in between using it to get to a place, there is so much one can do on Google maps. It could also be the perfect adventure/vacation companion, a topic to be discussed in a subsequent article.

The question then is; what else is there to do on Google Maps besides moving straight from point A to B.

Add detours to your route: On your way to that job interview or important business meeting, it turns out you forgot to make copies of a piece of document and turning back is not quite an option. While in navigation mode, you can search for business centres along your route, so you can find the nearest place and get back on the road as quickly as possible. The same applies to finding ATMs along your route, or even locating gift stores when on your way to a birthday party, but turns out you have forgotten to buy a gift. Panicking is not necessary as Google maps can help one get whatever is needed and continue the journey; picking out fastest routes and shortest times.

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