The economic sweetness in Bee-keeping

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Every encounter with the Managing Consultant/CEO of Jovana Farms, Prince Arinze Onebunne, has always proved to be intellectually elevating as his enthusiasm for agripreneurship remains a sustainably rewarding one. This time around he is urging the youth, retirees, farmers and other private individuals to embrace bee-keeping because it is highly lucrative.

Apart from the fact that honey and other resources generated from bees have huge economic potentials for export, bee-keeping is capable of looking after millions of jobless Nigerians.

Interestingly, Onebunne has taken his crusade across the country, not the least being the workshop on the economic potential of bee-keeping held at Omega Hotel, Abuja a few years back.

According to him, there is increasing awareness on the therapeutic values of honey. Unlike other therapies, it has no historical dwindling effectiveness on any disease. Since the advent of apitheraphy till date, the efficacy of honey in preventive and curative treatments has been on the increase as man’s knowledge of it increases. For more than a century now, there is no known side effect of honey as it is the case with all medicinal drugs.

Said he:“One of the most interesting aspects of honey – diet is in its effective way of correcting speedily, the malfunctioning of human organs. For example, should a pregnant woman indulge in honey diet and extend its use to her baby after child birth, she will realize the benefits, ranging from good health to eventually easy labor. Added to that are the remote chances of the child having malformed organs. “Since human beings first tasted honey, they have been fascinated by bees. Constantly, human raid the bee nests for their honey, but did not know about the bees.

Today, keeping bees can be a rewarding hobby or a full-time business. Specifically, … Read More...