Kano anti-graft commission awaits police report to probe N6.8m gorilla saga

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The Kano State Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission has said it will probe why the management of the zoo where N6.8 million was lost to robbery decided to house the money despite the operation of a treasury single account (TSA)
Mogaji Rimingado, chairman of the Commission, said the matter which has been transferred to the Kano Police Command headquarters will be investigated for further evidence of corruption after the conclusion of the police findings.
Again, clarifying the widespread impression that a gorilla swallowed the money, the chairman said the incidence was a robbery case where force and weapon were used.
Rimingado spoke on the sidelines of a Stakeholders Dialogue on Corruption jointly convened by  ActionAid Nigeria, Centre for Communication and Social Impact and UKaid from the British People.
“There was an incidence whereby some hoodlums broke into the Kano Zoo, overpowered the watchmen, locked them up, combed everywhere and carted away the money,” he said.
“What we are looking for after the investigation of the Police that will give us a headway is that first, why they will keep the money there when we operate single treasury account. The Kano state police is already suggesting negligence.  So we will look into anything corruption in it.”
The N6.8 million issue is the most recent of corruption issues coming to light from Kano, the only state with with an anti-graft agency. The video of the re-elected governor, Ganduje had went viral last year showing him receiving cutbacks from contractors who handled projects for the state.
But, the Commission defending why it didn’t investigate the case of Ganduje but is now probing the N6.8 million allegedly swallowed by Gorilla said it has limited  powers to probe a serving governor covered by the provision of immunity.
However, Rimingado