Chilling tales by kidnap victims: Who will end the misery?

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Like a torrent wind, tears gush out of the eyes of a 20-year old young lady, named Joy, as she narrates the ordeal she passed through in the hands of her kidnappers two weeks back.

Joy told BDSUNDAY that she was abducted for over 5hours along Benin-Ore Road on her way to Enugu, the Eastern part of Nigeria from Lagos.

“The driver of our 18-seater bus, which left Jibowu Bus Terminal in Lagos around 6am that fateful Saturday morning, 18 May 2019 to Enugu, was cruising at a speed range of 100 to 120km/ hour because the road that morning was a bit free, devoid of traffic congestion,” Joy said.

“When we left Lagos, our bus only stopped in a gas station located somewhere in Sagamu to refill the vehicle’s tank, and almost all the passengers alighted at that point to stretch their legs while some others went to the gents and ladies to ease themselves. As God may have it, we were able to pass Ore in Ondo State at 11am, meaning that we were half way to Onitsha in Anambra State at that point.

“Few kilometers into Edo State, on approaching the popular Okada Junction, our driver started negotiating left to right without control on sudden bump into the blockade made by the hoodlums, and the passengers started to shout Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! The vehicle at that point was forced to stop in the middle of the highway.

“Low and behold, five-hefty men with guns suddenly ambushed our bus and ordered all the passengers to come down, lie down flat with their hands on their heads. People were also asked to submit their phones and monies in their position without hesitation.

“After that, five of us including myself were taken into the bush