Insight into Kula’s OML 25: Another Ogoni explosive scenario coming?

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All the ingredients of violence and bloodshed are complete in oil-rich Kula, an island in Rivers State jutting into Atlantic Ocean just like Bonny, Soku (Rivers) and Ekeremor and Brass (Bayelsa). The divisions are sharp and the glimpse of rapprochement, being an agreement coming up on Monday, July 1, 2019, mid-wifed by the state government, may rather be the beginning of a fiercer round of trouble. This is because, the pro-Belemaoil chiefs and youths issued a statement Friday night rejecting the deal, saying they as the majority of Kula people and alleged rightful owners of the oil field were not part of the negotiations.

As was the case in Ogoni before killings started, the Kula people are effectively divided, such that each group led by a ‘king’ is opposed to the other in very deep ways beyond oil. The worse is that Kula has three kings now; King and Amananyabo, Bourdillon Ekine, Oko 28th, and King and Amanyanabo of Kula, Kroma Amabibi Eleki, the Sara 14th. There is also King and Amanyanabo of Opu-Kula, Hope Opusingi. Bourdilon Ekine and Kroma Eleki recently put down their differences and embraced each other after about two decades. They now formed what they term Kula Supreme Council of Chiefs. Now, Opusingi insists he is the rightful king. He has found attention with the Rivers State Government and Shell and Shell.

On the Kula oil field that yields over 44,000 bpd and 105m cfgpd, the Oil Mining License (OML 25), Ekine and other chiefs are on one side (anti-Shell) while Opusingi and a set of chiefs are anti-Belema and so want Shell back.

On political grounds, Opusingi said he is supporting PDP and Gov Nyesom Wike, saying it was the reason why Belemaoil’s CEO was … Read More...