LaLiga posts record €4.479bn revenue on back of strong commercial earnings

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Spanish football league, LaLiga has posted record revenue of €4.479 billion for 2017/18 season , representing  20.6%  growth compared to the previous season, according to report from  Spanish Professional Football.

The result shows the largest positive annual change in recent years and particularly notable given that it occurred following several financial years in which it has been consistently posting double-digit growth rates.

LaLiga’s gross operating profit grew by €945m (+20.7%), operating profit (EBIT) was €325m (+11.4%), and the net profit for the year was €189m (+6.7%). LaLiga produced a solid, positive and growing set of results across the board, achieving the best figures in the competition’s history.

The 2017/18 season was surprising due to two new drivers of LaLiga’s growth : commercial revenue and revenue from transfers, which have seized the central role held by broadcasting revenues as drivers of annual growth.

In the case of commercial revenue (excluding  turnover from advertising), the annual increase was 34.1%, amounting to turnover of €838m, which is indicative of the fact that Spanish clubs are becoming an increasingly attractive medium for sponsors.

Meanwhile, in the case of revenue from player transfers, the annual increase of 104.3% permitted turnover from this item to double in a single year, with an exceptional entry of €1.018bn, which is symptomatic of the significant capacity for creating sporting value held by the Spanish clubs and SADs.

The audiovisual turnover received by the clubs managed to surpass the €1.5bn mark for the first time and will recover its central role starting in the 2019/20 season as a result of the new audiovisual cycle negotiated for the national market and the international agreements which have been signed.



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