For leaders only: Gut or intuition

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I want to thank one of the readers of this column, Mrs Titilayo Sulaimon from London who gave me a detailed expository on poor parenting as the foundation for the lousy behaviour of some leaders in the workplace and in our society. I will write on leadership at home in one of the future editions.

Another response was on my position that leaders should always reward gut. I love people who show gut. Leaders who trained more leaders start by identifying people with the gut for doing the right thing devoid of self-seeking. Bashir Mohammed, want to know the difference between gut and intuition. My answer is from leadership perspective. I see everything with the eyes of leadership; that is why I coach and train people to think, act, be and behave like leaders in their lives and engagement with business organisations.

Gut is courage and fortitude. I have defined conformity as the opposite of courage. Real leaders see people who exude gut as a diamond among many because most people will instead behave in a way that conforms to expectations. I would mentor a person with gut than go for millions of people that conform to the norms for fear of criticism or losing out of favour or seen as rebels. The journey to leadership requires thinking out of the box and with the gut to make the difference.

Intuition is direct perception or quick insight independent of the reasoning process. It sees things in new ways given unavailable information or unexpected scenario which make the existing reasoning process inaccurate.

In world-class organisations and learning environment, leaders exhibit intuition while subordinates show gut. It is expected that sustainable institutions have processes and procedures which are expected to be followed. Gut is the courage to … Read More...