X-raying FC Liverpool’s 2018 financial status

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Liverpool FC released their 2018 financial results recently with record profits, growing revenue and a competitive wage structure were all reasons for Liverpool fans to get excited. Among all this excitement the composition of their revenue went under the radar.



Half of the club revenue came from TV money and prize money, which shows success in a season, but its something that can be relied upon each year. Unless your Real Madrid or Barcelona, Champions League finals/trophies are a rare occurrence due to the strength of the competing rivals.

Liverpool’s revenue also came from matchday earnings, which has remained fairly stable, but is increasing as the capacity of Anfield increases.

This leaves around a third of Liverpool’s revenue being from commercial revenue. Commercial revenue is made up of sponsorship deals and merchandise sales. This is the area where Liverpool are below Europe’s top table and an area that has significant room for improvement.

The Problem



The graphs above shows the potential Liverpool have to grow this area of revenue and boost income significantly to boost their financial muscle. Liverpool’s commercial revenue is the 8th highest in Europe according to Deloitte and is less than half the amount Real Madrid command. Although no one is saying Liverpool are as big a club as Real Madrid, the difference is much bigger than it should be.

Liverpool lag compared to their rivals in Manchester significantly too, by more than £100m in Manchester United’s case. This gap needs to shrink if Liverpool are serious about mixing with Europe’s finest.



The reason Liverpool have so much potential and are currently under achieving when it comes to commercial revenue is the growth the club has experienced in popularity and appeal worldwide under Klopp.

Liverpool …