Meet Nigerian entrepreneur revolutionising livestock industry

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Every Nigerian alive today needs to pay attention to Ibrahim Maigari Ahmadu, an IT expert and co-founder/chief executive of, the country’s first livestock online marketing and listing platform.

A lawyer by training, Ahmadu has been in the livestock industry in the last seven years, revolutionising a sub-sector viewed primarily through cultural and ethnic lenses.

Through his platform, livestock sellers  meet buyers. The former make money from huge sales while buyers get fit-for-slaughter cattle. The story does not end there. He has now delved into solving one of Nigeria’s biggest challenges—farmers-herders crisis. His strategy is simple: He tells herders to stay where they are; he provides pasture, water, funding and market, thereby preventing nomadic movement of cows through farms, which often results in conflicts, blood and tears.

The entrepreneur tells Start-Up Digest that his firm’s big vision is to mitigate spread of animal-to-human disease transmission in Africa.

He explains that one big challenge facing Nigeria’s cattle production is lack of functional animal identification system.

“If there is a break-out of mouth cow disease, how do you trace it?” he asks.

 “It means you may not know what you are eating. That is why global brands like McDonalds are not in Nigeria,” he says.

His firm creates a platform whereby livestock producers, consumers, financial service providers and insurance firms come together with a view to mitigating the spread of diseases and putting a structure to a sector that has been under the control of middle-men for years.

“We are investing heavily in production,” he says, adding that is trying to solve a very serious problem—cattle rustling.

“We partnered with MTN Nigeria to develop the cattle tracking system. We developed this system ourselves. During that time, we developed relationships with rural farmers. Before we even launched our … Read More...