Entertainment, health and the livewell initiative

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Livewell International (LWI) is a not-for-profit organization that has been around for several years now. It was founded by Mrs. Bisi Bright – a Pharmacist widely known as a bundle of energy and an irrepressible fountain of new ideas. Countless government officials and CEOs of corporate organizations are familiar with her in-your-face lobbying and cajoling, designed to get everyone involved in some health project or other – a health screening, some action on HIV or hepatitis.

Once a year, Livewell International hosts its marquee event -the Grand Health Bazaar (GHB). It is a three-day gala at which people from the private sector mix and mingle with government officials and university students as they listen to presentations from invited speakers and follow the conversation of panelists holding forth on a wide selection of subjects. For each year there is an overarching theme, and there is a main topic for each day’s discussion. The speaker could be from oil and gas, or from some bank or pharmaceutical manufacturer. It always tracks back to health – of employee or executive or society at large, or, as is most usual, for all of them at once. The connections she makes and the variety of interest groups she routinely assembles at these ‘Grand Health Bazaars’ set a tone that affirms that health is the business of everybody.


GBH2019- this year’s installment of the GBH took place last week. The overall theme was ‘Sustainable Development Goals as a Catalyst for Enhanced Corporate Sustainability’.

For the opening day, the discussion was on ‘Entertainment as an ingredient for Good Health and Wellbeing’.

A number of celebrities had been invited to join the audience.

Bisi Bright had badgered you into accepting to be Chairman for the day.

Soon after proceedings …