‘It’s unfortunate, some bad eggs dent great exploits of Nigerians in US’  

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Magna Faith is a woman of many parts- media entrepreneur, mentor of presenters and entrepreneurs, a broadcaster of note who anchors several broadcast programmes in the United States that deal with the Africans in the Diaspora, especially Nigerians, focusing on their lifestyle; tracking their investments and entrepreneurship as well as treatments and relationship of Africans with the Americans. Although, Magna Faith is US-based, she is a Nigerian who hails from Karim in Lamido Local Government Area of Taraba State in the North East. In this interview, she spoke with RAZAQ AYINLA on Nigerians’ experiences in foreign lands. Excerpts:   

How has been your Entrepreneurship journey so far, especially in the foreign land?

My entrepreneurship journey has been an interesting one. First, I realised that it is not about making money, it is about solving problems for societal development, and if at all you eventually make enough money while solving a problem, what you use the money for matters so much. Nevertheless, impacting lives has been the most gratifying for me in my entrepreneurship journey. As I have said earlier, entrepreneurship is more about solving a problem. People have identified various gaps, but the most pressing for me are leadership, mentorship, quality education, empowerment and capacity building for youth, women and the girl child in the society.

Having lived in Nigeria and the US, how can you describe your experience in both countries?

I have acquired knowledge and mastery in diverse areas through my experience in Nigeria and exposure to the US Corporate and Academic world. While it’s been very challenging traveling between both countries, I have garnered great experience in the United States and also in my home country Nigeria. See, the US has a large and stable economy that encourages freedom of speech and expression. More … Read More...