Expectations of Nigerian consumers from local manufacturers

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Nigerian manufacturers face a number of challenges. The environment is tough, policies are sometimes unstable and infrastructure does not support manufacturing activities. Despite all these, Nigerian consumers have high expectations from local manufacturers and their products. Real Sector Watch asked a few Nigerians to vent their feelings on made-in-Nigeria products and what they expect manufacturers to focus upon.

From their viewpoints, quality tops the list. It is a mixed bag as many want improvement in quality while others want price cuts. A section of consumers, however, think made-in-Nigeria products are better than imported ones.

For Oyedeji Dolapo, a Lagos-based entrepreneur, local producers should improve the quality and durability of their goods.

“Most of the made-in-Nigeria goods I have come across are of inferior quality and lack attractive packaging,” Dolapo said.

Temiloluwa Fakunle, a fashion designer, said manufacturers should let their prices match the quality of their products.
“The idea behind an expensive but inferior product is rampant among local producers, and this discourages the consumption of local goods. Let quality match pricing. If it is expensive, I expect good value for money spent,” Fakunle said.

Like Dolapo and Fakunle, Frank Umeh, an Enugu-based entrepreneur, said local manufacturers must improve the quality of their products.
“The idea of producing low-quality products to compete with Chinese goods is not an innovative way of growing a business. Get something good out there, let people know you for quality and they will buy no matter the difference in price,” Umeh said.

Solape Aina, a teacher, said local manufacturers are trying their best and some of them give value for money. But she advised them to be more innovative and gain a strong stance in the global market with their products.

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