The Lamentations of a middle class Nigerian

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About a week ago, I stumbled on a Facebook post on the pages of Agunze Azuka Onwuka. David Hundeyin, CEO of  TupstartNG and a columnist with this publication wrote the piece.

According to the piece, he had attended the alumni meeting of Atlantic Hall, a private coeducational secondary school in Lagos, and their discussion was dominated by how they all wanted to leave Nigeria for greener pastures through migration to Canada, the United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia down under. He made three important points that I believe we need to interrogate. This is important, as many Nigerians that have commented on the piece did not see the connection between these points and the scale of Nigeria’s present crisis.

The first point he made was about the composition of the group discussion. As alumni of Atlantic Hall, they were all middle class, arguably considered the elite of this country. They all had cars, and some of them own houses or inherited the ones that their parents built. They were not only middle classes by virtue of the jobs and assets they keep, but inherited middle class statuses from their parents. This is so because their parents were able to afford to send them to such prestigious school.  Currently, they all have jobs and businesses and they enjoy reasonable standard of living. Despite all these, they wanted to leave Nigeria.

The second point is as important. He said that most of them actually returned to Nigeria after studying and starting their careers abroad. Majority of them had studied abroad; some have 2 – 3 degrees and started their careers in these countries. Many came back to Nigeria between 2000 and 2013. They came to Nigeria to build and share in the above population growth … Read More...