Businesses and lifestyles of a declining mind and nation

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Let me start by asking you to list just five entertainers you know from China. How about their churches or religious brands? I bet you couldn’t even list three (remember they have over a billion people) but I bet the list would be endless if I asked for the biggest entertainment brands that shut down stadiums during jamborees. The same goes for the biggest cathedrals and churches we see here. If we run a regressive and correlation analysis by mere statistical hypothesis, you’d see that actual growth of a human being or even a nation is inversely proportional to any lifestyle too dependent on entertainment and religion. These two variables seek to transfer or suspend a present pain or unease to someone else without exactly solving it. The truth is that no serious county grows or rides on the back of movies, jokes, music, religious events and merry without tangible value.

In the table of men, entertainment is on the menu after what they actually came for. It’s profitable business beyond reasonable doubt till you do a balance score card assessment with cause and effect on our value system and actual ability to grow and lead a society right. Maybe it can make more money for the champagne brands, concert organizers, radio stations, strip clubs, lounges and liquor stores. Direct labor will always be slim while the rest of the crumb goes to the artist and their entourage, full stop. If there’s structure, it can do more.

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