Stakeholders push for re-orientation of value system to build sustainable development

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Stakeholders in Nigeria’s private and public business sectors say that the current value system of our economy is a hindrance to speedy growth and therefore needs a total re-orientation for impactful change and economic development.
This was the general consensus of experts at the maiden edition of the Nigeria Corporate Services Conference organised by TenticP communications which held in Lagos on Thursday 2nd of May 2019.
“We need a total re-orientation of our value system in Nigeria. We place value on the most irrelevant things right now, but the moment we start to focus on the more important things, we will definitely see a steady growing economy,” Afolabi Sofola, chairman, Kosofe Local Government said.
Muda Yusuf, director general, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), in his keynote address said it was time to walk the talk, as writing down ethics and code of conducts on pieces of paper would not necessarily translate into delivery of quality services.
“We must commit to abiding by established rules, regulations and codes of conduct in our corporate and public endeavours; we must make doing things right our national priority. We need to change our mind-set from the entitlement-based to a service focus,” Yusuf said.
Speaking on the theme, “Building a sustainable economic growth through corporate services delivery,” Yusuf said that professionalism in the public and corporate world should be promoted and deterrent sanctions should be given to unethical and unprofessional conduct.
“We all know that in Nigeria, those who do the right things suffer the most. The ones paying duties at the ports are the ones that will face the most headaches with customs and running an ethical business in this country can be very challenging. This is especially as we have a very weak judicial system and Read More...