How NB improves local input sourcing, strengthens drinks industry   

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Nigerian Breweries (NB) is improving its local sourcing of inputs and packaging materials while strengthening competition in the drinks market.

At the annual general meeting (AGM) held last week in Lagos, Jordi Borrut, managing director, said hundred percent of the brewer’s packaging materials come from Nigeria while 60 percent of its  raw materials are sourced locally.

“We work closely with the farmers and integrate them through our own technical assistants that help these farmers. This encourages better yields,” he said.

He said NB took the lead in the beer and malt sections of the Nigerian market last year while coming second in the stout category with Legend and Turbo King brands. He added that in a bid to solve the mobility of products and increase market reach, plans are in the pipeline to expand distribution centres to increase the number of distributors above the current 1,500.

Borrut also said in a bid to maintain a healthy competition in the market and drive consumer satisfaction, various decisions will be carried out on all the products, ranging from brands to bottle, with consumer satisfaction and revenue being the determinants.

Martin Kochl, supply chain director, said that NB, in its partnership with local farmers and vendors, has improved the process of sourcing raw materials locally. He said that sorghum constitutes 70 percent of the company’s raw materials but plans are on to explore other substitutes like barley which can be found in the northern part of the country. He further explained that plans and research are ongoing to incorporate the use of barley as an alternative.

“Every product and brand has a difference, which is determined by the type of raw materials and natural resources used during production. Customer satisfaction is the goal,” he said.

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