Motivating the backbone of the Nigerian Navy

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Answering the call to serve is to join the long line of selfless patriots who make up the profession of arms. This profession does not belong solely to Nigeria. It stretches across borders and time to encompass a culture of service, expertise, and, in most cases, patriotism. Today, the country’s young men and women voluntarily take an oath to defend Nigerians and the Constitution of Nigeria with other proud and determined individuals in security agencies who have answered the call to defend their country against all forms of threats.

To this end, I congratulate all warrant officers of the Nigerian Navy (NN) for the 2019 Convention whose theme is “Responsive Warrant Officers’ Leadership and Operational Efficiency in the Nigerian Navy.” Our gathering here today is not about broader matters of strategy and grand strategy. It is about how the Nigerian Navy (NN) can use motivation as a tool to improve the operational effectiveness of its warrant officers in a world that is characterized by the fourth industrial revolution. Our discussion here is going to be about the day-to-day condition of our warrant officers, equipment and ships in order to raise the overall operational efficiency of the NN.

As warrant officers, you have been empowered and trusted to lead the ratings of the NN. As a leader and technical expert in your own right, you enhance organizational effectiveness and directly contribute to mission success. You are the indispensable link between the higher echelon and the lower cadre of the NN, ensuring that each task is fully understood and supervised through to completion. You are responsible and accountable for the development and welfare of your subordinates. You teach, coach, and mentor them. As a steward of the institution, you enforce its standards and you are ambassadors of … Read More...

Nigerian Navy Commissions School of Armament Technology for Desert Warfare Support

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The Nigerian Navy has commissioned a three-block of School of Armament Technology to provide training support in desert warfare and redeployment training for the Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service Operatives in Kaduna.

The NNSAT which was relocated to Kachia in 2009 has trained 46 OLC officers, 279 STC officers, 158 instructor refreshers course (IRC) ratings, 3 special duty post commissioning training (SDPCT) officers, 866 fire control grades I-III ratings and 911 quarter armourer grade I-III ratings.

Speaking during the commissioning in Kachia, Kaduna State on Friday, the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete said the school would spur the Nigerian Navy to be more proactive in the course of its duties, as it will enhance professionalism within the navy family.

He disclosed that NNSAT would collaborate with similar institutions and relevant universities beyond the shores of the country to maximize the benefits of the facilities.

The Chief of Naval Staff further explained that the school had been designated as one of the cells of the Directorate of Research and Development of the Nigerian Navy.

He added that the concept behind the establishment of the school was to have a centre of excellence in naval armament of word-class standard in terms of design, fabrication, manufacturing and testing of weapons, weapons systems, prognostic reports and sensors.

According to him, the school is one of the NN’s four core seaman professional training schools to train personnel of Above Water Warfare specialty in weapons handling and internal security operations.

” The school is expected to boost NN response capacity by sharpening knowledge on operational concepts and doctrinal practices towards addressing threats in the fifth operational spectrum of the NN total spectrum maritime strategy,” he said.

He said that on his assumption of office in 2015, his priority and vision … Read More...