Lagos-Ibadan 156-km rail project ready for use by July

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There are strong indications that the 156-km Lagos -Ibadan standard gauge rail project will be ready to move passengers by next month.

As at the time of filing this report late Thursday night after a visit to the ongoing project, the tracks had been laid up to 152 km, leaving just four kilometres to complete it.

This is as the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) says two train coaches have arrived, while more will be arriving soon.

”Yesterday two coaches got to Papalanto and hopefully by next month, we would be going for further inspection of another set and test. We hope by September more locomotive would arrive,” NRC managing director, Fidet Okhira, told journalists late Thursday during an inspection visit to the project.

However, work on the project from Iju to the Apapa port which has become synonymous with traffic logjams affecting businesses is still lingering for many months due to a multiplicity of challenges along the right of way.

During an inspection tour of the project with transport journalists Thursday, Ibrahim Al-Hassan, the new chairman of the NRC, expressed hope that by the end of July, both the second track which had reached 140 km and the first one already at 153 km, would get to the Ibadan station.

”We want to complete this as quickly as we can so that other ancillary services could continue and we could put the tracks to use. As soon as this is done, we will continue in other sections,” he stated.

”Laying the tracks is the most important. By the time we finish laying the tracks, we would be able to move passengers from Lagos to Ibadan. Then the intermediary stations can come up later. We can have temporary stations if we need to,” the chairman added.… Read More...