Nothing comes to God by surprise, and His dreams never die – Obembe

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Joseph Olanrewaju Obembe, a cardinal, archbishop and founder of El-Shaddai Bible Church, Lagos, recently passed on to glory, aged 63. The former Chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Lagos Chapter, is being missed by a retinue of followers and members of his family. In this interview with SEYI JOHN SALAU, Olanrewaju Obembe, the eldest son of the late cleric, spoke about the life and times of his father, Obembe. Excerpts:


How does it feel losing such a special person in your life?

I don’t know how best to properly answer that question because loss is a very weird thing. No matter how you might think about it or try to prepare about it; when it actually comes around it’s never the same. Like you said, to lose somebody who you’ve seen all your life just shows you the brevity of life, and how we are just working under grace basically. So, how do I feel? I really cannot put it into words but we trust in God to take every day as it comes. A lot of people are quick to pray and say – forgive and forget, but it doesn’t work that way because you are not necessarily going to be praying for amnesia but we can only pray for grace to remember less. The bible has told us how God is the Father to the fatherless; we can only lean on him more to help through this trying times. It goes without saying that the lost is enormous and these are going to be some really big shoes to fill-in because when you have people like my dad who have had a special connection with God, it goes a long way; all you can do is just lean on Him.… Read More...