Niger Delta requires $500m to remediate over 3,000 oil spill damage – Study

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It is estimated that more than 3,000 oil spillages have so far occurred in the Niger Delta, leaving a legacy of hundreds of contaminated sites such as farm lands, streams, brooks and underground water that would cost at least over $500million to remediate.

The disclosure was the highpoint of the works of Isaac Asume Osuoka, director of Social Development Integrated Centre (Social Action) at a conference, ‘Petroleum and Communities in the Niger Delta: Setting the Policy Agenda Following Two Decades of Civil Rule’ held at the Hotel Presidential in Port Harcourt in Rivers State, which x-rayed the challenging times for residents of the Niger Delta area.

It is said that an environment blessed with goldmine but with death seal is regarded as a curse to its inhabitants. This seems to be the fate of the oil-rich Niger Delta geographical landmass and its natural inhabitants.

The oil-rich region of Nigeria is said to have an estimated population of 30 million in an ecologically sensitive area of 112,110 square kilometers. It is one of the most densely populated regions of the world.

Unfortunately, the oil pollution burden has increased in the entire region where about 5,300 oil wells with 257 flow stations and about 700km of pipelines that often leak or burst due to combination of operational flaws, excessive service lives and vandalism/sabotage. Those sympathetic with oil interest say the number one cause is sabotage.

“The situation may have got worse in the build-up to and aftermath of the 2019 general election. It would seem that 20 years after the return of civilian rule in Nigeria, we are experiencing worsening human security conditions in this resource-rich region”, Osuaka noted.

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