‘You need more than Christianity or religion to lead successfully’

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Olumide Emmanuel is the overseer, Calvary Bible Churches worldwide, The Empowerment Assembly and The Glorious Church International. He speaks on the church in Nigeria and some key national issues. Excerpts by SEYI JOHN SALAU

Former president Obasanjo said President Buhari is trying to Islamise Nigeria; what is your reaction to this?

With all due respect to the age and position of the former president, I do not think his comment deserves a reaction from me because a close observation of his track record does not make any of his comment meaningful to someone like me.  Today, he is for Buhari; tomorrow he is not for Buhari, so his inconsistency is a joke to me. On the issue of islamisation of Nigeria or the Islamic agenda as some choose to call it, my concern is really on why we are so bothered about people fulfiling the agenda of their god and strategically pursuing their beliefs while the church abandons their own agenda and seems to operate without a clear strategy than to be crying Islamic agenda. We have a Christian Vice President yet we are still talking of Islamic agenda when we should be talking of Christian apathy.

But in answering the call of God, some have gone ahead planting churches, and expanding their ministries; is the call of God just for church planting?

The call of God is not just for church planting but the reason why a lot of people in this part of the world go more into church planting when they sense a call is because they lack understanding; though the church is the most prominent and popular aspect of ministry. There are different dimensions to the call of God and many don’t wait to get the full picture before they move. … Read More...