From zero to hero: Omonike Fowowe’s rise to stardom

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Omonike Fowowe is the founder of EMR Group, a conglomerate of six companies across several industries including real estate/ construction, jewellery, facility management, interior décor, talent and booking agency, as well as brand management. It is sometimes hard to believe that Fowowe, who turned 28 last month, started this conglomerate before the age of 25. Her entrepreneurial story must be documented for young Nigerians wishing to remain relevant in a fast-paced world.

Originally from Osun State, Fowowe is an alumni of Airforce Primary School, Christ Redeemers’ Secondary School and Redeemers University where she completed  primary, secondary and tertiary education respectively.

The entrepreneur was motivated to set up EMR Group because she always wanted to live up to potential.

“I do not like to see underutilisation of resources, whether human or material,” she tells Start-Up Digest.

“I saw that there was so much more that needed to be done. In my young eyes, there were so many opportunities that needed someone to fill and I thought, who else would do it if I chose not to,” she says.

Fowowe was a very ambitious person right from primary school and  she never envisaged working for anyone while in secondary school. For her, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was also a huge drag and she founded EMR Group as soon as she concluded the service.

“Of course, it is good for many that they work first before starting a business, but that is why we are all different,” she says.

“I was convinced that if I put all my energy into building my own business, I would make a success of it. And that is the journey I am on, right now,” she says.

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