Premier League nets £4.2bn from overseas broadcasting deals

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The English Premier League’s windfall from international broadcast deals will rise 30 per cent in the next three seasons, increasing the spending power of England’s top football clubs by £1bn.

The top division in English football will net £4.2bn from the sale of international rights for the next three seasons to 2022, compared with £3.2bn for the three preceding years. The announcement was made by the Richard Masters, the interim chief executive of the Premier League, speaking at the FT Business of Football summit on Tuesday.

The boost from international broadcast revenues “allows the clubs to invest in their squads, and ensures another three years of competitive football,”  Masters said.

The increase will come as a relief to the 20 clubs that make up the Premier League, as the value of domestic rights deals are falling.

In February, Sky and BT secured the majority of the domestic screening rights for games held between 2019 and 2022, paying a combined £4.46bn — significantly less than the £5.4bn achieved in the previous auction.

However, people close to the deals said that after Amazon and other media groups also acquired television and radio rights for the Premier League, the final figure for domestic rights came to £5bn.

Premier League clubs have taken all four finalist spots in European competitions this season, with Tottenham Hotspur facing Liverpool FC in the Champions League final and Arsenal playing Chelsea in the Europa League final.

“The key thing about the Premier League is that you don’t know what’s going to happen. [There is] unscripted drama and a title race that goes to the wire: that’s what drives value,” said Mr Masters.


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The game is the game

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Liverpool lost the league by 2 points from 7 point lead. Manchester City won its 2nd successive Premier League title. But this post is not about politics.

What motivates footballers on the pitch to put in a good performance for their country? If a team does well and fights to come back from 2 goals down in the quarter final to win 3–2, what motivated them to put in such a performance? The easy answer that ‘makes sense’ is to say they love their country and that love pushed them to deliver such a performance.

But not really. Here’s one of the most important things I learned reading The Righteous Mind last year:

In September 1941, William McNeil was drafted into the US Army. He spent several months in basic training, which consisted mostly of marching around the drill field in close formation with a few dozen other men. At first McNeil thought the marching was just a way to pass the time, because his base had no weapons with which to train. But after a few weeks, when his unit began to synchronize well, he began to experience an altered state of consciousness:

Words are inadequate to describe the emotion aroused by the prolonged movement in unison that drilling involved. A sense of pervasive well-being is what I recall; more specifically, a strange sense of personal enlargement; a sort of swelling out, becoming bigger than life, thanks to participation in collective ritual.

McNeil fought in World War II and later became a distinguished historian. His research led him to the conclusion that the key innovation of Greek, Roman, and later European armies was the sort of synchronous drilling and marching the army had forced him to do years before. He hypothesized that the process … Read More...

Updated: CHAMPIONS! Manchester City win back-to-back Premier League titles

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The race for the 2018/19 Premier League season is over as Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City side on the final day of season claim their second straight Premier League titles.

Man City enjoyed an incredible run of 14-straight victories to end the season with 98 points, one point clear of Liverpool, who they trailed by seven points in early January.

Glenn Murray opened the scoring for Brighton & Hove Albion to give Man City a scare, but Sergio Aguero equalised and then Aymeric Laporte put Man City ahead before the break. Riyad Mahrez scored a stunner to make it 3-1 in the second half, as Man City eased to the title with Ilkay Gundogan adding 4-1 with a superb free-kick.

City finish the season on 98 points, one ahead of Liverpool with 97 points to record the second-highest points tally in Premier League history, two points less than the record they set last season. With the League Cup and Premier League title already secured, Man City will now be the first English team to ever complete a domestic treble if they beat Watford in the FA Cup final next Saturday.


Anthony Nlebem

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