Buhari calls for commitment to true Federalism

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday called for return to true Federalism where every component state uses its resources to develop their state.
The President, who was speaking after receiving the Progressive Governors Forum award alongside eight other governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for “standing with the party since 2013,” gave example of how the South West is United because it had a well-designed development agenda.
The President noted that economic growth and competitiveness of nations depend on the harmonious collaboration of all the tiers of government, particularly in a federal set-up, adding, “It will be belabouring the point to say that true federalism is necessary at this juncture of our political and democratic evolution.”
Buhari, who assured of his administration’s commitments to improving the welfare of the Nigerian people, noted that “At a time when some few privileged individuals and groups have chosen to exploit and manipulate the ethnic and religious fault lines for seeking personal and partisan advantage, we need to build bridges across the different divides and instil faith in the unity and indivisibility of one Nigeria.”
He also appealed to state governments to be a strong pillar of support for anti-corruption agenda, as well as continued support for the programmes of social protection, school feeding programme and other policies geared towards human capital development.
“Going forward, we must all work towards building a socially cohesive society in which the resources of the country work for all.
“We will continue to apply public funds in such a way that no section of the country or segment of the population suffers social exclusion,” he said.
The President while also acknowledging that Nigeria is on a renewed growth trajectory, assured that his administration would do everything within its powers to sustain the current Read More...