Moremi: A final night, A raging controversy

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It was a great privilege to attend the last night of the musical drama ‘Queen Moremi the Musical’ at Terra Kulture.

Terra Kulture is a theatre located slap in the centre of the business district of Victoria Island. The organization was formed in 2003 by Bolanle Austen Peters, daughter of renowned lawyer and educationist Afe Babalola. The Bolanle Austen-Peters Productions (BAP) took off in 2013 with the production of the well-received SARO the Musical. There have since been five major play productions.

In 2015, Austen-Peters was involved in the production of a film – ‘93 Days’, the story of the Ebola outbreak in Lagos and how it was contained.

Terra Kulture arena opened in 2017 as the first purpose-built private theatre in Nigeria.
It has since gone on to stage many events and become something of a prototype for a venue where cultural activities may be fostered for the public, and for tourism.

Austen-Peters has been able to network effectively with the private sector for sponsorship.

Moremi Ajasoro was a legendary figure who lived in the 12th century.

The story of her life and epic deeds has varied somewhat in the telling, depending on the source.
In the Terra Kulture version, she is initially married to an Ile Ife man, and she has a good life.

There is a precious child – Oluorogbo – that she was given several years past by the river goddess Esinmirin after many years of barrenness. He is growing up into a winsome adult and is clearly the apple of his mother’s eyes.

Sitting in audience at the theatre and watching the drama unfold, you are reminded of how long ago, you had watched the Duro Ladipo Travelling Theatre enacting the same drama. The encounter took place at Government College … Read More...