Ramadan Travel Tips – your Journey by Air, Sea or Land

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As the Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, Season and Holiest month in the Islamic calendar begins and holidays approach, abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual relations from dawn to sunset (Sawm) begins. Apart from leading to a greater “Taqwa”(Consciousness of God).

Some experts claim that restricting food intake during the day can help to prevent health problems and improve mental health.

If you have certain types of health issues (compromised Health), consult your Imam and Doctor to best advise you, because it can lead to low blood sugar levels causing reduced concentration and increased fatigue.

The good news is that sustainable weight loss is only possible with regular fasting and any weight loss during Ramadan could easily be reversed once you return to your routine eating habits.

The benefits of fasting outweigh the cons, and in the long run properly planned fasting even after Ramadan period can improve one’s digestive system and general metabolism.

Ramadan breakers will be looking forward to sunny destinations and a/or long week(s) of relaxation after or during the fast.  Some may travel to tropical relaxation spots, like Cancum Mexico or South East Asia, while others may opt for bustling cities, like New York or Hong Kong and many may be visiting Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries many will be going to their towns and villages unaware of the dangers on route and at the destination.

General Advice To Travellers: If you are travelling during this period, consult your Imam as to exemptions for travellers amongst other exemptions.  Good preparation for family trips lead to less stress is better for your health, and it is also a sign of an organised and alert mind.

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