The next four years in the South East-1

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From May 29, most governments in Nigeria would earn a Begin Again as they prepare for a four-year life programme. It takes four years to earn a bachelor’s degree that serves as a ticket for life for most citizens. What would the governments of the South East be able to do for their citizens in four years?

Four years is a significant period. In four years, the late De Sam Mbakwe accomplished so much in the old Imo State in education (Imo State University), agriculture, rural industrialisation, infrastructure of water schemes and electricity and more. Chief Jim Nwobodo did the same in Anambra State with the first state university of technology where Professor Mobisson led a team to develop home grown computers. In Lagos, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande laid the foundation of today’s Lagos. I was recently at a retreat in Badagry and just as we drove in, I told my colleagues this must be a Jakande legacy. So it was: a well-laid out rest house with ample groundsto which the government is adding a hotel with conferencing facilities.

What would happen in the South East? We will be tackling this question here. Ahead of that, readers on social media have been pointing me to our thoughts last year as the foundation for this fresh thinking. I thought therefore to refresh and then go forward.

Exploring and activating The Awka Exposition
Many challenges confront the South East as Nigeria approaches the 20th year of its Fourth Republic. It is essential in the view of this column to tackle first the internal matters rather than the focus on the external that has characterised engagement on the Igbo challenge. For the Igbo today and into the foreseeable future, charity must begin at home.

We have noted that …